“At the Intersection of the Future of Work and Education” explores work in education as well as the contribution of education to the future of work in other sectors. It argues that, in both instances, a strong, well-financed, high-quality system of public education is needed.

The operation of school systems during the pandemic deepened long-standing problems of financing, segregation, inequality, and discrimination inside and between countries. Distance learning was a quantum leap in the use of artificial intelligence and other technology depriving learners of social relationships.

Governments are not implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 4 on education. That inaction has enabled the entry of private companies into education. They profit from the system, influence education policy, and weaken democratic control of education.

Professional teachers and their unions are too often not consulted on policy. Their status issues have deepened well-being problems for the school community and aggravated the serious teacher shortage.



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