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Learning beyond Borders


I was involved in the Learning Exchange Network project mainly during the years 2007–2008, both as an active participant and as a member of the Social Justice and Civil Society committee, in the framework of the Haifa–Boston Connection. I was inspired by the spirit and commitment of both the Boston and Haifa leaders. At that time I coordinated recovery projects at the volunteer organization SELAH–Israel Crisis Management Center, which focused on immigrants in Northern Israel following the Israel-Lebanon war in 2006. SELAH’s core mission is providing essential assistance and emotional support to immigrants who face crisis situations; its involvement in postwar recovery processes in Northern Israel was very intensive. In addition, I developed and coordinated a newly established project on integrative emergency preparedness at the Center for Social Responsibility of the University of Haifa. My involvement in the Learning Exchange project began after a two-year involvement in the Open Apartments project, which was supported by the Haifa–Boston Connection and other partners. This project aimed to empower people in the poorer neighborhoods in the city of Haifa through student-initiated projects that included both guidance and project development. My personal involvement was mainly with the immigrant youth-at-risk. I brought this experience to the Learning Exchange program; I learned much, much more than I brought.



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