This LEN project has emerged as both experiential and active. The in-person learning exchange seminars, which since the project’s inception have been taking place once a year in Haifa, Israel, and once a year in Boston, Massachusetts, were planned and facilitated jointly by the NGO partners as well as by outside trainers. Dedicated staff time and collaborative, generous attitudes on the part of planners in both cities have been essential for power sharing, efficiency, and thoroughness in the planning processes. Preparation has been extensive, requiring the core planning team, a Haifa–Boston mix, to use conference calls and e-mail communications, months ahead of time, for developing the substantive content for the in-person seminars and for coordinating the logistics, resources, recruitment, travel, and a myriad of other practical and substantive dimensions of these encounters. Especially for Bostonians visiting Israel and Haifa for the first time, an immersion in the complex cultural, religious, social, economic, historical, and political contexts of the country has proven to be of great significance. Bostonian learning exchange cohorts experience such an Israeli immersion through a multiday guided tour of the country prior to meeting their learning partners in Haifa. A less intensive tour/immersion takes place for Haifa partners when they come to Boston.



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