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Leadership as Legacy


I joined the House of Grace twenty-three years ago when I was looking for a job as a social worker and, very soon after, I found myself taking part in important and fulfilling social and community work, in an ever-renewing and developing institute — a house that is a home for people in distress. I chose social work and not one of the professions because I had a strong desire and a need to do something for the community: to work with prisoners, women survivors of violence, the homeless — with underprivileged and disadvantaged people. In my childhood and youth, I experienced poverty and distress, and I had an intimate acquaintance with the hardships experienced by underprivileged people. Several of my friends had found themselves entrapped in the vicious circle of delinquency and crime, but I was determined to break free and bring change into my life. I joined a supportive and empowering organization that works with people to help them regain their deprived honor, a place that motivates people to make a change and improve their lives and futures.



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