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Women in Power


The country is filled with powerful women, but women in power remain significantly underrepresented across a variety of professional fields, in business, academe, politics, and the media. With more women enrolled in colleges today than men, continued underrepresentation of women in leadership roles throughout society is not just morally unacceptable, it is economically damaging. The nation needs to maximize all human capital, in order to meet our own challenges and stay competitive in this global economy. Young women need to be supported in developing the knowledge and skills necessary for being leaders and catalysts for change. Reflecting on a career that has spanned law, advocacy, politics, government office, university leadership, and experience on a variety of corporate boards, the author ponders the often vexed relationship that exists between women and power. She discusses what higher education can do to create a new generation of women leaders, who can not only break through the glass ceiling, but change the leadership paradigms that created it in the first place.



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