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In this issue, special guest editors, Elaine Werby and Donna Haig Friedman, assemble an array of distinguished scholars, policymakers, community activists and political advocates to examine the interaction of the economic, political, and social “flows,” the undercurrents of history that stymied the war on poverty. Their articles and essays chart the beachheads that must be secured before the war can be successfully resumed; No war, they collectively remind us, is won without some battles being lost. You do not secure the future of the country if you abandon the principles of equity and equality for all, the bedrock of the constitution. Bringing democracy to countries with histories of tyranny and oppression can only be successfully achieved if those countries can see that here in the United States we practice the principles we want to export, that in a country as bountiful and blessed as ours, we empower our downtrodden. If they see us uplifting our own poor, they will be more likely to believe that we will uplift them, too.



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