Volume 10, Issue 2 (1994)

With a great deal of pride, the New England Journal of Public Policy is pleased to announce a new partnership. Beginning with this issue, the journal becomes a joint publication of the John W. McCormack Institute of Public Affairs, University of Massachusetts Boston, and the Center for Policy Analysis, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Both bring to the joint venture special skills that complement each other; both are committed to holding the quality of the publication to the same rigorous standards that intellectual integrity demands, and both are committed to maintaining the degree of accessibility that has been a hallmark of the journal since its inception.

We believe that complex social issues, which are often beyond the grasp of informed readers when the incomprehensible and often stultifying jargon of particular disciplines is the means of expression, can be brought within their grasp when the language of expression is the language people understand. As we rattle our way down the information superhighway, we should be looking for a shared vocabulary and avoid the temptation to speak in a babble of tongues. We hope that theoretician and practitioner, public servant and elected official, will continue to find the journal, under its new stewardship, a beacon of insight and thoughtfulness that will enhance the quality of public debate and bring new voices into the auditorium of public policy.

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Editor's Note
Padraig O'Malley



Budget Policy and Fiscal Crisis: A Political Matrix
Francis J. Leazes Jr. and Robert Sieczkiewicz

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