Volume 10, Issue 1 (1994)

In this special issue of the New England Journal of Public Policy, we explore some of the more perennial but nonetheless substantive issues involved in the ongoing debate about the shape educational reform should take from different points of view, and seek that most sought-after and elusive alchemist, common ground.

The opinions that appear throughout this volume were expressed by participants in two Horace Mann Foundation forums. The October 15, 1992, session considered the role of the legislature, unions, higher education, and the business community in education reform efforts. The November 24, 1992, meeting focused on the role of education in keeping the American economy competitive in the global market, school choice and vouchers as reform vehicles, and the role of the public in effecting school change. The quotations were compiled by Pat Kelleher, a health care administrator and member of the Horace Mann Foundation advisory board.

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Editor's Note
Padraig O'Malley



Violence Prevention in the Schools
Deborah B. Prothrow-Stith


Service Learning: The Promise and the Risk
Alice L. Halsted and Joan C. Schine

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