In this paper I use various sociological concepts and studies in order to understand why I tend to be more of a pessimist than an optimist. I explore various different aspects of my life through both micro- and macro-lenses in order to find the causes of my outlook on life. Before this, I had never really looked at myself at a deep sociological level. I never really thought about how I am and why I am until the writing of this paper. My biggest worry is that I may not be able to change myself, let alone the world. I understand all of the concepts and ideas throughout my paper, but really how do I go about putting them in practice? I can write this paper preaching about how I should change my life, but is there a way of actually changing it, and society? This will be the ultimate subject of my study in the coming years, to see if I can take what I learned in this paper and apply it to the real world.



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