This paper explores, through a sociological imagination, what causes a teenager to develop depression. As explained, family is one of the main factors, not only in the development of adolescent depression, but also in the treatment, being a double-edge sword that can affect in both good and bad ways. The first half is a micro-analysis of the subject, being a self-exploration of the time I suffered from depression in my teenage years, when not one member of my family found out my condition at the time. What led me to this point? How did I manage my daily activities in this state? And finally, what helped me overcome depression? Using various sociological concepts, readings, movies, and other materials used in class I try to answer these questions. As the paper continues I go from micro-analysis, which is just exploring my experience with depression, to macro-analysis, where I don't think only about myself, but all those other teenagers that have suffered or are suffering from depression, and the social structures underlying that suffering. Our minds are very complex because in the end all we do is a result of what we perceive through our eyes and minds. We may think we are considering others but in the end we're just acting upon our own perceptions of how things are “out there.” So, the study of society and the self must go together in understanding and solving personal troubles and public issues.



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