Volume 8, Issue 1 (2010) Teaching Transformations 2010

The present, Spring 2010, issue of Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge includes, but is not limited to, contributions from the 2010 Annual Conference on Teaching for Transformation, organized by the Center for the Improvement of Teaching, directed by Vivian Zamel at UMass Boston. The issue also includes five student papers from courses taught by Anna Beckwith, Lecturer at UMass Boston, as well as three contributions submitted to the journal during the past year.

Editor's Notes



Constructing the Innocence of the First Textual Encounter
Alex Mueller, Cheryl Nixon, and Rajini Srikanth


The Absent Professor: Rethinking Collaboration in Tutorial Sessions
Arianne Baker, Kristi Girdharry, Rebecca Katz, and Meesh McCarthy


The Difference Between You and Me: Faculty Identities at Play in the Classroom
Suzanne M. Buglione and Jennifer Safford-Farquharson


Service-Learning and Authenticity Achievement
John W. Murphy and Dana Rasch


The Miseducation of Ms. M
Melanie Robinson


Issue Co-Editors
Vivian Zamel, UMass Boston
Anna D. Beckwith, UMass Boston
Journal Editor
Mohammad H. Tamdgidi, University of Massachusetts Boston