Work is a very complex concept. I always considered a paid job to be work, but in reality work can be a variety of activities. I have had a few paying jobs in my two decade lifetime but I never thought I did so much of what Braverman defines as work. Helping out around the house is just as much considered work as the job that my father does. The housework that gets done by my family members, the babysitting of little cousins, the process of helping neighbors, and the nurturing of children are all classified as work. Thinking about all the different jobs that I have had and different types of work that I have participated in, I have had time to reflect on what my work utopia would be. When I think of my work utopia, I think about waking up each morning and being happy going to work. I do not envision myself working in an office building crunching numbers. I want to work with children in some way. I desire to graduate from college in the next two years and work toward getting a job that helps children. In my perfect world I would be a guidance counselor and then coach a high school sport. I love children and love the idea of making the lives of other people better. I am a very social person and enjoy a good conversation so I feel like this would be a perfect fit for me.



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