Using a variety of literature, theories, and concepts in the sociology of youth and adolescence, in this paper I reflect back on my own "adolescent state of mind" to draw needed lessons for my further growth as a person. Adolescence is a very important time for growth and exploration. Cote and Allahar state that "[t]he average person looks upon adolescence as a natural and necessary stage of development and feels that this period is the time of one's life when one is carefree and has no responsibilities" (107). However, since an adolescent suddenly moves beyond the certainties of childhood and is suddenly exposed to many different perspectives, certain experiences can become incredibly overwhelming and difficult. In thinking back to my adolescence, I wish I was more open-minded when my father and I moved to Florida. I spent a good portion of my adolescence trying to prove a point instead of enjoying my life and my freedom. Leaving my father was the first time I experienced a broken heart and I will never forget how much that affected my identity development. Many days I was unsure of who I was without him because he was my provider and caretaker. In conclusion, my decision to leave him and move back to Massachusetts made me a stronger person. I learned the concept of responsibility and independence which are two very important qualities when entering adulthood.



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