This is an effort at applying some sociological theories and concept to the question of my major and career in life. I left this class everyday with my mind completely racing and had all these thoughts I wanted to put together. I guess it goes back to the importance of putting C. Wright Mill's Sociological Imagination on the back of the syllabus. Nothing really quite clicked until I could understand my place in today's society. It was about being able to understand the bigger picture and myself at the same time, and how world and I related to each other. I took things like my high school experience and there was a whole different view of what had gone on. I can now understand why people harp on high school being so influential on kids at that time. They absorb so much interaction and mold into whatever is going on at that time, but they don't notice it when they are in it. They kind of get lost within the environment that they are in. The sociological imagination makes us go back and consciously study our past and our present in a broader social context, so we can better shape our future.



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