I have found that "teaching others to learn while you are learning to teach" is a good statement of my pedagogy. Teaching began for me in 1983 and is a passion, which happens to overlap with my profession. It is a personal account of this journey that I share in this paper. The narrated experiences are of teaching in India and the United States. My teaching has been greatly enriched by my research in the field of human genetics. It has provided a unique perspective on learning. Some of the questions posed are: Do we have to know whether we can teach before we start to teach? Is learning to teach easy? How does one change one's style of teaching to cope with modern times when digital media has taken over the lives of the new generation? Can we develop personalized teaching? These are a few questions addressed here which are faced by all who want to teach. Is teaching your passion? That is always the first question that needs to be addressed, because if the answer is yes, then all other things fall into place.



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