I set about to write a paper about Fanon and the South Korean women and their struggle to change their appearance, but my concept of their experience was overdetermined and I knew it. Eventually, and luckily before the conference came, I realized that the paper I was going to write was about me, and not them. And that is exactly what the vicious circle Fanon writes about is made from. That is exactly what racism is...it is about self, and not other. It is always about self. Society is the sum total of individual psyches. Our social constructions are manifestations of basic human needs within us all. I wish I had more of a solution. The idealist sociology student in me wishes he had some solution to offer. The best I can propose is that each of us looks within ourselves to find what governs our desire, whatever it is we want, and fuels our hatred, whoever it is we hate, and keeps the vicious circle moving within us all.



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