What analytics does Frantz Fanon contribute to the study of racisms? Although political ideologies constitute racism, the latter takes on a life of its own and comes to exist in a reciprocally constitutive relationship with political ideologies. I elaborate on the theory of hegemony developed by Laclau and Mouffe and relate it to the present American context in order to analyze what I take to be a distinct break in American perceptions of Arabs, Middle Easterners, and Muslims and the crystallization of racism against them. Having demonstrated the intimate link between American international power, its supporting ideologies, and the Othering of a contrived Arab figure, I propose that this set of representations can be overcome. Although anti- Arab racism is bound to outlast the political plays that inaugurated it, the fluidity of power that dictates those political plays allows for contestation and the staging of an oppositional set of representations. I look to Frantz Fanon, whose model of radical human agency is absolutely central to reasserting a counter-hegemonic consciousness among the beleaguered forces of resistance in today's world.



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