In this paper I write about my struggles with my poor body image and my weight. Through various sociological perspectives I try my best to gain insight into my poor body image and why I procrastinate to achieve something that I have always dreamed of being...thin. Why am I so wrapped up in becoming thin? The media definitely plays a role in the way I glorify thinness because of the way they correlate being thin with being beautiful, successful and happy. I want that, too, but at the same time why am I putting off making those better choices and exercising regularly? Is it because I am afraid of something that is unknown? My weight, as uncomfortable as it makes me, has become a sort of comfort shield and I am having a hard time getting rid of the final piece of that shield. Writing this paper has really been an eye-opener for me to realize that the longer I put off the healthier choices that I need to make, the more precious time I waste. That time I am never to get back, ever! I have to take the responsibility into my own hands, quit procrastinating, and stop listening to the media telling me how I should look and focus more on how I want to look.



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