Radically anti-colonial workers must work towards the dismantling of the disciplinary boundaries of academia. This means rejecting the artificial separations between the humanities and the sciences, between the activist and the scholar, and between the purely Western mind/body/spirit split. By keeping these boundaries intact, we fail to see that it is only through poetry (art) that humans can have access to whole modes of cognition that were penned up as a result of the colonial/enslavement process and the rise of Western Man. Autopoesis is crucial for bringing about a new mode of being human (an "After Man" mode of being human). It was through this that another new mode of being human--the Bourgeois Man--was ignited. Only an indigenist "autopoesis" of such magnitude enable us to leave it. While poetics is typically confined to "the humanities" in Western academia, we must work towards the dismantling of these disciplinary boundaries or efforts at serious social change remain a futile endeavor.



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