In my work I am attempting to think about the relationships between self and global transformations in the face of deepening inequality. I am especially interested in engaging postcolonial, antiracist, and feminist transformations of the current forms of hegemonic domination that remain inside our knowledges here in the Western academy. In thinking through such a critical engagement, I keep trying to get at this subtle criticism of knowledge-power but I cannot find the words. I am arguing that the modernist knowledge-power project is still present, still 'here', even if it is no longer/never was the villain it used to be. Specifically, I am critical of the current Western science epistemology that is still with us. And more specifically, I am critical of the continued presence of rationality, objectivity and physics materialism as they continue to order discourse in the academy, in politics and in our popular culture at large. I would like to engage these projects in the spirit of taking up Anzaldúa's charge to work toward subversive knowledges, to take spirituality seriously, to find rituals that can help to banish this hegemonic sterility. Like the confusion inside any borderland, any cauldron of transformation, the way to such rituals is not always clear. I look to Anzaldúa for ways to enact conocimiento. Anzaldúa offers a road map that can help us locate the many oasis and pit traps that always lie along this landscape of exploration.



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