In this essay, I position myself as a queer writer in the confines of language, nationality and sexuality with the intention of opening a venue for a non essentialist I to dialogue with anybody situated within the highly politicized arena of queer politics. I refer to my politics differently throughout this essay: I call them politics of the real, or politics from a transitional space, or politics of the radical alterity, or simply queer politics. Political representation is a continuously sliding terrain connecting the personal and the political, a terrain with no security, opened up for dialogue and gestures that attempt to capture something of the infinite difference at the heart of humanity that, paradoxically, can never be completely codified. I wish to experiment here with a writing that encompasses the political, the personal, and the symbolic. In locating myself within my study, I am most concerned with the question of agency through experimental writing. I agree with Norman Denzin that this perspective "is not for everyone. It is based on a research philosophy that is counter to much of the traditional scientific research tradition in the social sciences" (p. 1). My aim is to perform involving minimal theory, show rather than tell, and engage rather than explain. As Denzin argues, researchers should use the interpretive approach "only when they want to examine the relationships between personal troubles and the public policies and public institutions that have been created to address those troubles. Interpretive interactionism speaks to this interrelationship between private lives and public responses to personal troubles. It works outward from the biography of the person" (Denzin, 2001, p. 2).



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