Using Gloria Anzaldúa's concepts of borderlands, conocimiento, and nepantla/ nepantlera, I describe my use of a "differences journal" in an upper-level social service internship course. The goal of the assignment is to encourage students to explore borderlands, develop more consciousness/conocimiento, and decide whether they want to become nepantleras. This assignment is part of a broader pedagogical approach, based on Gordon Allport's ideas, designed to reduce prejudice.

[Note: In the original printed version of this article, the title was mistakenly printed as "Nurturing the Nepantlera Within: Working in the Borderlands of Four Prejudices." The title in the record for this article and the PDF made available in ScholarWorks corrects that error. The intended title of this piece is "Nurturing the Nepantlera Within: Working in the Borderlands of Our Prejudices."]



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