In this paper I explore the roller coaster ride that has been my life. This was not a roller coaster ride that left me dizzy and sick to my stomach, it has done something quite different. The ride has left me clear-headed and stronger in terms of the way I look at the world and how I fit into it. Living with dichotomies for most of my life has created in me a character that is unique, and therefore I am eager to share it. I have always looked at myself as a Zebra, an animal that lives in constant duality; black and White. Being an African-American, Christian, and female, athlete, I always found myself in situations where I was very different. I had to deal with those differences the best way I knew how, the way my parents had raised me. They would always tell me to “be strong” and “always remember who I am.” Whether I am in school, hanging out with friends, or on the basketball court, I must always remember the values that have been passed down to me through those who were responsible for helping me to become a part of society.



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