In this article I use various sociological theories to understand my experiences with poor body image and social anxiety. Although I do suffer from these, I learn that they are not completely my fault! Much of them have to do with many of the face-to-face interactions which I have been a part of throughout my life. I think that my parents and other family members have had a strong impact on the way that I view myself. Not only that, but society as a whole has affected me as well. If I did not live in such a materialistic, image-obsessed society, I might not feel the need to workout constantly and eat nothing but salads! Through writing this essay, I have seen both the micro as well as the macro effects that this society has had on me. And, you know what? It makes me angry. I like to believe that I am above the influence, but clearly I am not! This has been fairly eye-opening. So, what can I do to better myself? Are there specific steps that I can take to better my situation? I cannot be sure, but I think that listening to the words of the sociologist Morrie Schwartz could be a start. It has already begun to help me. I just need to get my priorities straight. Being super skinny should not be at the top of my list. Like Morrie suggests, love should be number one. I should concentrate more on my relationships with people and how important they are. Once I stop focusing so much on weight and looks, I can start focusing on those people that I care about.



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