I reluctantly revisited a paper I wrote 2 years ago, and realized that my reluctance may have had a lot to do with the fact that the problems I explored in the earlier paper were not only still a part of my life, but have in some ways worsened. My relationship with my father was almost the same as it had been, and until very recently my avoidance tendencies had spiraled into dangerous levels of alcohol abuse. I decided to rethink this paper attempting to incorporate a basic sense of psychoanalytic theory gained since the time it was written, in an effort to utilize C. Wright Mills’ sociological imagination to better understand the intersection of self and society by reevaluating my relationship with my father. In a broader sense I hope to point out the importance of the individual in macro-social change that starts on the micro-social level but begins with the potential for individual change that is afforded by the pursuit of self-knowledge.



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