Work is not the only thing I have focused on in this paper. In addition, I’ve looked at the other aspects of my life: specifically, my role as a husband and as a practicing Buddhist. My wife and I have had to put many of our goals aside while I pursue my Bachelor’s degree, namely the buying of our first house and having children. When the final week in January rolls around and I am not attending classes here at UMass, I will be well on my way to making these dreams a reality. Part of being the best husband I can be involves my getting back into Buddhism. I used to meditate on a daily basis: once in the morning after I woke up and once in the evening after the day was done. I intend to make a solemn dedication to practicing mindfulness, along with daily meditation, and the studying of Buddhist texts as a part of my daily life from here on out. Buddhism has always given me a clearer perspective on myself, my life, and the world around me, causing me to both look inside myself and the world around me without the selfish “I” of the ego in my way.



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