Applying the knowledge I have gained through various readings on the relationship between self and society, viewing several films within the context of sociology, and learning from other students in classroom discussions, I have begun to understand the complexity of human behavior. My many I’s, the different aspects of my personality/personalities that emerge at various times, are illustrated in the fact that I communicate differently depending on the social situation. My voice is the product of countless influences, inner and outer, micro and macro, explorable and mysterious. It has been fascinating to explore my voice within the framework of inner forces, which Diane Bjorklund describes as instincts, drives, and traits, and outer forces, or society. From birth, my society, community, and genes have helped to form what I now refer to as my personal voice. In this way, it is not entirely personal, but instead a mirror of the world. As Mills explains, it is important to gain “an understanding of the realities of ourselves in connection with larger social realities.



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