Even after I realized the problems surrounding public housing in this the U.S. compared to Japan, I still believe that it is an important function and it can have a positive effect in society. Before actually helping low-income people, however, their stigmatizing and stereotyping about pubic housing have to be eliminated. Numerous studies have shown that “living in a high-poverty neighborhood can undermine the well-being of families and children, and that affordable housing alone cannot revitalize a distressed neighborhood” (Brookings Institution 4). Although internalized ideas are difficult to change, when more researches and their findings are exposed, stereotypes about the project may be erased eventually. In addition, because of lack of affordable housing and descent jobs more people face the reality, and hopefully realize that subsidized housings are important and practical to everyone. I feel fortunate to have grown up in Japanese housing development. I know first hand how society as a whole can benefit from such a social policy when it is applied properly.



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