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January 2017


Social and Behavioral Sciences


Purpose: Interteaching, an emerging, empirically supported behavioral teaching method,has been recently and successfully introduced in the college classroom. Historically, mostinterteaching studies have been conducted in didactic classroom settings. To date, no publishedinterteaching studies have used an online course format. Furthermore, no component analysisof the pair discussion component of interteaching has been published. Therefore, this studywas intended to examine the pair discussion component of interteaching in an online graduaterehabilitation course.Method: Two conditions were randomly assigned across participants and sessions. The firstcondition included all key components of interteaching in which student dyads were placed inbreakout rooms to discuss the assigned preparation guide. The second condition involved allcomponents of interteaching, with the exception of pair discussion. In this condition, studentswere placed in breakout rooms to complete the preparation guide on their own. Average studentquiz scores were compared across conditions.Results: The pair discussion condition resulted in higher student quiz scores, p , .01. In addition,social validity findings indicated the majority of students reported preference for interteachingwith the inclusion of the pair discussion component than without.Conclusions: Finally, limitations of this study and future directions for interteaching technologyin online education is discussed.