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January 2015


Social and Behavioral Sciences


This review concerns Clinical Supervision and Administrative Practices in Allied Health Professions, edited by Flowers, Soldner, and Robertson. This is a timely work in view of the complex challenges currently facing health care administrators. The book focuses on both managerial issues and supervision practices, is well organized, and leaves few important stones unturned. This fresh contribution to the management literature features originality and responsiveness to real-world challenges. Of particular note is the fact that the authors have chosen to combine issues of managerial administrative importance with clinical supervision roles and functions. While management and supervision roles differ significantly, it is a fact that the two hats are often worn by the same individual in the field. This text does an excellent job of clarifying the differences. I recommend this text both as a training tool in pre-service education as well as a source of continuing education for health care managers in the field.


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