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Publication Date

January 2012


Leader=member exchange, rehabilitation counseling doctoral student


Social and Behavioral Sciences


A satisfactory relationship between doctoralstudents and their academic advisors is anessential component of successful doctoraltraining. The purpose of this study was toinvestigate the relationships between leadermemberexchange (LMX), satisfaction withtheir programs, self-efficacy, and productivityof rehabilitation doctoral students. We alsoexamined the potential effects of studentshaving advisors of a different gender orethnicity from the students’ own. Data werecollected from a nationwide sample of 101current rehabilitation doctoral studentswith at least one term of doctoral trainingexperience. An internet-based survey wasused for data collection purposes. Resultsindicated that LMX was significantlycorrelated with both satisfaction (r99 = .325,p = .001) and self-efficacy (r99 = .262, p = .008), satisfaction and efficacy werealso significantly correlated r99 = .637, p < .0001, and the ethnicity and productivitycorrelation was significant, r99 = -.239,p = .016. Implications of the studentadvisorrelationship for doctoral trainingare discussed, and suggestions for futureresearch are provided.