Boston is a city in transition, with power passing to a new mayor for the first time in a generation. The capital of New England should consider the examples of cities around the world in defining its next agenda. The urban centers that make up the Forum for Cities in Transition have all endured years of conflict and yet each continues to plan for a better future. Belfast, Nicosia, and Kaduna might not be role models for Boston; but three consensus points came out of the group’s recent summit: (1) it is hard to move forward without confronting the past; (2) collaboration is a necessity, not a choice; and (3) success requires that women be in position to lead. If Boston meets these challenges it will be better prepared to tackle intergenerational problems created by the exclusion of women and communities of color from equal social and economic opportunity; and to confront what is perhaps the most profound divide it has ever faced: the massive gap between rich and poor.



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