The title of this section is profoundly significant to those of us who have experienced global partnerships. Our experience has revealed to us that there is a profound organic integrity to these five words, Transnational, Social Change, Learning, Networks, and together they are revelatory of an emerging future we are stretching to envision and realize in the twenty-first century. In this brief essay I would like to share with you five core experiences of global learning partnerships that I have had over the past half decade. From these experiences I have learned volumes about the organic relationships of these five words. The experiences have transformed my thinking; expanded the contours of my heart; invited me to become a citizen of a global world; gifted me with an emerging consciousness of our relationship with and responsibility for the sustainability of our sacred environment and planet; and lastly, challenged me to explore with others how we might act collectively to structure our world differently at local, national, and global levels.



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