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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Science (MS)

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Sylvia Mignon


For many residents of Massachusetts corrections is a part of the public sector that remains hidden behind tall walls topped with barbed wire. These walls do not just keep the inmate population on the inside, but keep the public out. This capstone provides a view from inside the walls of our corrections facilities. Interviews with high ranking corrections administrators throughout Massachusetts give an insiders perspective into the challenges facing Massachusetts corrections agencies. Over a billion dollars is spent on corrections in Massachusetts alone. This capstone looks at how that money is spent and the policies that dictate how our corrections agencies operate. This study allowed the high ranking administrators of the Massachusetts corrections agencies an opportunity to voice there concerns with the current system. The findings show agencies struggling with funding, human resources policy, and reentry programming. Almost every aspect of the field could be considered an area that needs to be improved within the state. Corrections struggles are the result of poor agency management, an antiquated system and way of thinking, and a failure implement evidence-based research driven policies. Findings do show the challenges faced can be overcome. Literature shows that best practices have not been implemented in the areas discussed. Research in the field has provided an outline of evidence-based strategies that have been successful in similar cases.