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This report presents research and findings from a study of court-connected ADR commissioned by the Executive Office of the Trial Court (EOTC). The study was conducted by the state office of dispute resolution also known as the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration at the University of Massachusetts Boston. The office has been serving as a neutral forum and state-level resource for almost 30 years. Its mission is to establish programs and build capacity within public entities for enhanced conflict resolution and intergovernmental and cross-sector collaboration in order to save costs for the state and its citizens and enable effective problem-solving and civic engagement on major public initiatives.


The report is based on a literature review of research publications on court-connected alternative dispute resolution (ADR) from nationally recognized scholars and new research conducted through interviews and surveys. In addition to describing goals and effectiveness of court-connected ADR, the report outlines key effective practices from Massachusetts and elsewhere and offers recommendations for strengthening awareness, access and utilization of court-connected ADR in the commonwealth, including appropriate success measures to demonstrate high-quality, sustainable court-connected ADR. A presentation of highlights from this research was delivered at the Trial Court ADR Conference in June 2019.

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