Date of Award

Spring 2012

Document Type

Open Access Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Management


Management and Marketing


Werner Kunz


Jeffrey Keisler

Subject Categories

Advertising and Promotion Management | Fashion Business


The focus of this study is to explore the fashion industry’s “fashion enthusiast” in comparison to the “average” fashion consumer, and to take that understanding of these fervent consumers as a tool to observe the underlying patterns and factors which comprise these consumers to be enthusiastic ones in this particular industry. The aim of this study is to benefit the fashion industry from a marketing standpoint, by developing a much better understanding of what comprises heavy fashion users, and what drives them more than other fashion not-so-heavy fashion users. The fashion industry is constantly changing and has several media outlets that can persuade and alter the consumer’s decisions; thus making it exceptionally hard for a marketer to target consumers than most other industries, because the consumer is constantly changing from trend to trend. By taking a deeper look at factors such as personality, values, and addiction we can understand what drives these particular consumers to purchase particular products; therefore creating a marketing technique that matches the personalities and values of these consumers within the ads themselves.

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