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This report provides an analysis of the costs and benefits associated with Massachusetts Senate President Robert Travaglini's proposed family and medical leave insurance program (April 2006). The authors developed a simulation model to estimate the employer and employee wage costs when employees take paid and unpaid family and medical leaves, and they use this model to compare the current costs with those predicted under the Travaglini proposal.

For information about how the authors estimated the costs of the program and the specifics about their model, please follow the link below to "IWPR/LRC Paid Family and Medical Leave Simulation Model," originally reported as an Appendix in their report to the IWPR.


The Future of Work Paper Series, Paper #2

The Future of Work in Massachusetts is a joint research project of the Labor Centers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, and Lowell, funded by the University of Massachusetts’ President’s Office.

The Labor Resource Center of the College of Public and Community Service, UMass Boston provides links between the University and the Massachusetts Labor Movement. Programs include the Labor Studies Program, educating future labor leaders through courses, certificates and a bachelor's degree centered on today's workplace concerns from contingent work to globalization; Labor Extension, providing participatory training and education for union members and workers; and research initiatives focused on the Future of Work in Massachusetts.



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