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Six years ago, Rochester, NY Mayor William A. Johnson contracted with the consulting firm Idea Connection Systems (ICS) to create a program then called Biracial Partnerships for Community Progress. Since that time over 400 leaders from all areas of the Rochester community have participated. ICS has established this program, since renamed the Mosaic Partnerships Program, in several cities. Through the UMASS Boston - Center for Collaborative Leadership, Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), the Mosaic Partnerships Program was introduced as a way to bridge race relations in Boston and be a catalyst for change. Can the Mosaic Partnerships Program provide positive results to the City of Boston? Is the City of Boston ready for such a program? What would it take to bring the Mosaic Partnerships Program to Boston? And what are the best avenues for ICS to establish it here?


Center for Collaborative Leadership's Emerging Leaders Program 2006 Team Project: Mosaic.



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