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This introduction provides a thumbnail sketch, or landscape, of the history and conditions of veterans’ benefits against which to profile the issue of veterans’ small business opportunities. After years of applied research on issues pertaining to the veteran community, it has become abundantly clear to this researcher that the good people who serve in our federal and state agencies, and as staff persons in various congressional and state legislative offices often lack the data and/or information they need to fully and meaningfully address the needs of veterans and their families. This situation is no doubt a result of demographic facts. With the decline in the veterans’ population, ever fewer members of Congress and state legislatures have any military experience. One of the over-arching themes this researcher has come across again and again is that most non-veterans hold the mistaken notion that the Department of Veterans Affairs provides virtually every possible service to the nation’s veterans. It is hopedthat this introduction and the findings that follow will provide a more accurate picture of the difficult conditions veterans have been confronted with as they have sought to pursue small business endeavors.


Phase IV, Final Report

The University of Massachusetts Boston
The William Joiner Center
Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, MA 02125-3393
Dr. Paul R. Camacho, Principal Investigator



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