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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Domenic Screnci


Due to a change in revenue policy, an organization that sells products in the DDoS attack solution space embarked on a journey to fundamentally change the strategy they employed to sell their DDoS solution. The offering from the organization was a combination of two products that provided a comprehensive DDoS solution. The solution was made up of a cloud solution combined with an on-premises appliance.

Because most of the cloud portion was owned by another organization and the profit margins were small, they decided to sell their portion to the other organization. Once sold, they decided to change the sales strategy to lead an opportunity with the on-premises appliance and augment with the cloud solution even though the typical strategy previously was vice versa. Sales behavior required change simply because the previous approach to lead with the cloud solution was easier to sell.

This training will be designed to help the sales stakeholders in understanding the value for customers in the adoption of the on-premises appliance first with augmentation from the cloud solution as a secondary priority. This training will provide the knowledge to support the new strategy and the assets for the sales stakeholders to test that knowledge to ensure full adoption.