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Campus Access Capstone

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Master of Education (MEd)

First Advisor

Domenic Screnci


This project focuses on delivering a learning solution to a group of insurance adjusters who concentrate on automobile claims involving moderate to severe injuries. The identified learner population has a solid foundation in insurance policy language, claim systems and claim workflows but often lacks the investigative skill and medical expertise required to evaluate an injury and manage care. This often results in claim payments for care that is unnecessary or unrelated to a loss, inaccurate forecasting of medical costs and insufficient communication with injured parties and medical care providers.

The ideal solution will provide the claim professional with the tools necessary to gather information from medical providers and eligible injured parties, leverage this information within various industry-recognized resources to confirm injury causation, and appropriately monitor treatment throughout the lifecycle of the claim.

Learners will be likely initiate this learning experience at varying times and will apply the content to differing states which contain a variety of jurisdictional claim handling nuances. As a result, the solution will be most effectively delivered asynchronously with direct support from local managers throughout the curriculum. This support will provide direct jurisdictional guidance around specific topics and allow for an ongoing dialogue between learners and managers.

Consistent opportunities for content feedback will be built into the solution and a pilot focus group consisting of unit managers will navigate the course to critique the experience from both the learner and manager perspective.


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