Date of Completion


Document Type

Campus Access Capstone

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)

First Advisor

Carol Ann Sharicz


The Introduction to Nutrition course taught at institutions of higher education often includes only individual activities for learners, especially when students are enrolled in an online learning course. However, research suggests that students benefit academically and socially from collaborative learning. This project aimed to redesign the course with collaborative learning techniques that will improve student learning and motivation. Background research included literature review from the instructional design body of knowledge, syllabi analysis, product research review from the Cengage MindTap course, and instructor interviews. Based on this research, 3 collaboration-related learning objectives were created to add to the content-focused Introduction to Nutrition learning objectives from the course. Three modules of the course were redesigned to include 4 collaborative activities: Zoom discussions, group case studies, a group diet-tracking project, and Slack communication. A plan to evaluate the effectiveness of this redesigned course is laid out using an A/B test strategy.


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