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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Carol Ann Sharicz


Helping Youth on the Path to Employment (HYPE) is a research-based program housed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. The program aims to provide support and services to young adults with mental health conditions as they identify meaningful career paths and achieve goals for sustained employment. HYPE has developed a multi-stage trial program called Hype-On-Campus (HOC) that will expand the HYPE model to colleges and universities across the United States beginning with the fall semester of 2020. Graduate-level Student Practitioners, selected to participate in the initial HOC feasibility trial, will be enrolled in an HOC online distance training program to assimilate the HYPE model and provide support and services to these students. With the learning content of the new HOC online training program being duplicated from a previously designed in-person HYPE training series, the design and development of this project required specific focus on the instructional needs of the HYPE training staff. The primary need identified was to establish a productive means for scheduled synchronous training sessions with the related secondary need of populating and organizing all learning content within the Learning Management System (LMS). A successful online training program ran from mid-October to early December 2020 with two participating universities and an anticipated continuation/expansion will begin in early January 2021.