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Campus Access Capstone

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Carol Ann Sharicz


Early Childhood Education workforce challenges greatly impact preschool learning environments and program quality for early learning. Consistent training programs for new preschool teachers are essential to the onboarding experience, and continued teacher training programs increase instructional leadership and effectiveness in the classroom. Basic training and onboarding orientation establish positive teacher engagement and create a foundation for continuous learning and professional development. In the context of serving children of all abilities in an inclusive setting, co-teaching and reflection are best practices. At Learning Links Preschool, inclusion is at the core of the teaching and learning experience for teachers and students. Many preschool teachers new to the field, and even experienced teachers, may not be trained or lack understanding on what inclusion is and how to support children of all abilities. Improved onboarding training can increase understanding, collaboration, teacher satisfaction, and program quality. Micro-trainings are an effective approach to increase access to learning for teachers. Expanding new hire training with a comprehensive two-week training schedule can support new teachers by setting clear expectations for performance in the areas of basic supervision, curriculum, classroom learning activities, inclusion and co-teaching.


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