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Master of Education (MEd)

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Carol Ann Sharicz


The radiologic technology field is rapidly changing. Its technologists and students need to be prepared for these alterations. All students and technologists must pass the national board exam administered by the American registry of Radiologic Technologist. This exam assesses the participant in patient care, image acquisition, radiation safety and imaging procedures. The performance problem identified is the increased amount of radiologic technologists and radiologic technology students either failing the registry due to being unprepared, or due to insufficient continuing education credits. Many of these technologists have been out of the classroom for 20 years, seemed adapted to their own imaging routines and have completely forgotten most of the pertinent material, especially the more recent changes to the radiology field as digital imaging and tele radiology are now the only means of imaging.

The advanced placement program recreates the 2-year certificate radiologic technology program into a 15-week program. It allows the student to go at their own pace while still begin assessed on the material in an ARRT questions format.

In conclusion, radiologic technology is quickly evolving and branching out into many other modalities. It is important that the technologist be prepared for these changes. Adaptability is a key quality in this field. The advanced placement program helps students and technologists maintain their status.