Director: J. Cedric Woods

As the interests, needs, and demographics of Native New England shift, so will the specific projects and programs offered by the Institute for New England Native American Studies (INENAS). The changing priorities of tribal communities will be assessed on an ongoing basis through surveys and direct consultation meetings. The institute's shift in focus in response to those changing priorities will be reflected in its programming, grant submissions, and outreach efforts.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Heighten the visibility and inclusion of New England tribes at UMass Boston as students, faculty, and staff, and as participants in the university's various programs, institutes, and centers
  • Assist tribes in accessing federal, state, and private funds for purposes of social and economic development
  • Identify and organize a community of current UMass Boston Native students, alumni, faculty, staff, and Native leaders from Massachusetts
  • Encourage recruitment and retention of Native students, faculty, and staff at UMass Boston
  • Bring Native leaders to campus in a variety of forums to educate the broader New England community on Native issues, local and national
  • Promote and support development of classes related to, about, and providing direct benefit to regional Native communities


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