So the question is: Who am I? Who have I become? Where am I going? I started on this journey to figure out how to stay true to my French roots while thriving socially, educationally, and professionally in other cultures. Realizing that somewhere in the midst of my interaction with my environment I had adopted an accent that was not my own (the British accent), I sought to retrace my steps and head in a direction that might bring me some clarity to my present identity crisis. I decided to attend a university in the U.S., thinking that it might help me solve my identity crisis. Although at first it seemed like it only made matters worse, I realized that my adventures in America has allowed me to accept the fact that I was a French citizen who spoke French with a British accent. At the end of the day, I did not lose my French culture at all. I think the bits and pieces of the American, French, and British culture equated to a unique me I was happy and comfortable being.



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