The article presents several poems by Lisa Suhair Majaj.

  • "Country." First Line: Here there are cypress trees; Last Line: my world!
  • "Practicing Loving Kindness." First Line: Bless the maniac; Last Line: bearing small flames of words.
  • "Peace." First Line: Peace is two children walking toward each other from; Last Line: language.
  • "No." First Line: There's no poetry in it, Last Line: to have nothing in its hands but dignity.
  • "Night Sky." First Line: I line the candles up in my window: Last Line: Baghdad is not so far.
  • "Living History." First Line: It's true, whatever we do or don't do may come to haunt us. Last Line: age after age, to light our small human night.
  • "Cyclones and Seeds." First Line: Headlines declare retaliations; Last Line: winged seeds upon the storm.

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