Volume 7, Issue 1 (2009) Teaching Transformations 2009

Contributions from the Annual Conferences of the New England Center for Inclusive Teaching (NECIT) and the Center for the Improvement of Teaching (CIT) at UMass Boston

This introductory editors’ note presents a brief history and statement of aims of the New England Center for Inclusive Teaching (NECIT), the Center for the Improvement of Teaching (CIT), and the overlap of the interests and contributions of the above with those of the mission of Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge and its annual Teaching Transformations series. The editors note that the first seven studies in the present issue were gathered through the conference activities of NECIT while the second series of articles emerged from the conversations and presentations at the annual CIT conference at UMass Boston. The journal editor and issue co-editors of this NECIT/CIT issue of Human Architecture sincerely appreciate the efforts made by the authors to share their work and findings with readers across New England, the nation, and (thanks to the internet) to a global audience of caring individuals, on- and off-campus, who have a common interest in advancing teaching and learning practices that transform the self and the world in favor of more just, inclusive, and participatory outcomes.

Editor's Notes


Editors’ Note: NECIT, CIT, and Teaching Transformations 2009
Jay R. Dee, Vivian Zamel, and Mohammad H. Tamdgidi



Varying Pedagogy to Address Student Multiple Intelligences
LeeAnn Griggs, Sally Barney, Janet Brown-Sederberg, Elizabeth Collins, Susan Keith, and Lisa Iannacci


Transgender Realities: Student Lives and Community Challenges
Kimberly Smirles, Ann Wetherilt, Melanie Murphy, and Elijah Patterson


Meditation as Teaching and Learning Tool: Theory, Practice, and Testimony
Wayne-Daniel Berard, Alexandria Hallam, Anne Geiwitz, and Matthew R. Kerzner


Issue Co-Editors
Jay R. Dee and Vivian Zamel, University of Massachusetts Boston
Journal Editor
Mohammad H. Tamdgidi, University of Massachusetts Boston