In this paper, applying various micro- and macrosociological theories and concepts, I explore how I ended up taking Social Psychology as a major and what my options are for a future career. I use C. Wright Mills's notion of the sociological imagination as a way of looking at and interpreting the circumstances of my life and my feelings and reactions towards them. I explore how such circumstances and explorations have caused me to be where I am, and how they may influence where I am going. I find that it was mostly personal troubles that led me to this field, but it is public issues that keep me interested and that make me want to continue in this field as a profession. I understand the tension of opposites between what I want to do with my life and my time, and what I must do to "make it" in this society. I am coming to see that society's view of success and my own may differ and they don't have to be the same. I see that my learning of different sociological theories and perspectives has enriched my own viewpoints and that I desire to be able to extend these viewpoints to others through teaching and/or counseling, and that these fields would seem to suit me because I am comfortable in the realm of academia. I do not want to get stuck in the "rat race" of corporations and capitalism, but that I must do something to make money to be able to support myself and live a basic comfortable life. Therefore I must make a compromise between the opposites. I realize that it is my personal fears and insecurities as well as some of the larger and public institutions that do not make it easy for women to succeed both in the workplace and in the home. These may hold me back from making high goals for myself and following through. However, I also see that I should not worry too much about getting a job and what I am going to do, and should instead focus now on learning about what interests me in the hopes of finding a meaningful occupation.



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